Here's the procedure to allow the invoicing of multiple customers on a same account. This method allows your customer to have multiple account with you and to receive only one invoice for all accounts.

1. Create or identify and account that will receive the invoice

The first step consist in determining the account that will receive the invoice. That account can be one of the customer's or you can create an account that will only be created for invoicing. We suggest the first method to prevent the useless creation of accounts.

2. Assign all the accounts to the main account

This step is the most important. This is where you must identify the grouped account (the one to be invoice) to all other accounts.

The first important thing is to put it's own number in the grouped account number to show that it is the grouped account.

In the example below, the grouped account is account number 12345. We then find the number in the 2 specified fields. It must be noted that the invoicing address will be the one of the grouped client number.

Following, you must enter the number of the grouping costumer in the other costumers that must be invoiced under that number.


In the example above, we link the client 12346 to the grouped account 12345. This way, all transaction created in the costumer 12346 will be invoiced 12345. The invoicing information (address, email, parameters, etc.) will be the ones of client 12345. But the pricing information will remain those of costumer 12346.

Take note that you will see no difference during call taking. If you do a call research, you must continue to use the costumer number that was created (12346 in our exemple). The grouping costumer number will appear in the loswer right section of the research screen.

3. Invoicing steps

For invoicing, the steps are mainly the same as for normal invoicing but the invoice treatment is independent from normal invoicing.

In the invoice list, you must check "Invoicing by grouping customer" to obtain the invoice list for grouping customers.

Same thing goes for the invoice generation process, you must check the "Invoicing by grouping customer" box.

In the printing (or emailing) of invoices, you must do a grouped invoice treatment, which means that if you have customers with normal (not grouped) and customers with grouped invoice, you will have to complete 2 treatments.