Objective of this document: Explain how to create and transfer a subsidy application to UOMA.

Table des matières

A. Prerequisites for a subsidy application - Oil

B. Recovery subsidy request management process

C. Unknown areas

D. Transfer to the UOMA

A. Prerequisites for a subsidy application - Oil

You must have:

  • Processor reception certificate
  • Chemical analysis and percentage of water/antifreeze if applicable
  • Weighing ticket for delivery to the processor
  • Ensure that all pickups have been properly completed in the system

B. Recovery subsidy request management process

From the "Task" tab in ProgressionLIVE

  1. Create a task.
  2. Select "Collector Claim" as the type.
  3. You can add notes to the Summary and Description fields.

To be entered in the "Details" section

  1. Enter the date of delivery to the processor
  2. Enter the type of product (in this case Oil)
  3. Enter the amount processed (in litres)
  4. Choose the processor
  5. Enter the percentage of water listed on the certificate of analysis
  6. Do not write anything in the "Percentage of antifreeze" box
  7. Do not enter a Container # for an oil subsidy application

Press "Save"

The system starts the script and retrieves the pickup information stored in the database.

Once completed, the information is updated in the subsidy application form:

Amount processed should be equivalent to the amount entered:

The "Invoice" tab contains monetary details for the subsidy request

The documents generated by the script are in the "Attachments" tab

An Excel file detailing the selected pickups and a completed application form is available in PDF format.

It is in this section that you must add the certificate of receipt, analysis or any other document relating to the subsidy request.

C. Unknown areas

In the case where some pickups could not be geo-located correctly, the system indicates them as being in an unknown area. This is at the end of the document and must be geo-located to allow the system to distribute them in the correct pricing for each zone.

D. Transfer to the UOMA

Once the information is validated and attachments are added, you can change the status of the grant application to "Finished." The script will then transfer all information to the UOMA database for processing and validation.