Meaning of the color of the background bar in ProgressionLIVE

Red: There is no Internet connection.
Yellow: Information is loading.
Green: The information is up-to-date and the device is connected to the Internet.
Tasks: List of tasks assigned to you.
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Completed tasks: List of tasks completed in the last 24 hours.
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Availability : Current availability of connected person.
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Timesheet: Access to user's timesheet.
Contact support: Sends an event log to Technical Support.
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Parameters: Activate vibration and change ringtone.
Management: Access to synchronization with database.
Log out: Log out of ProgressionLIVE.

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Some menus might not appear due to the access rights you were granted.

The context menu has 4 sub-menus:

"Synchronize": Synchronize data between the mobile and the ProgressionLIVE server.

"Status": Shows information on the connected user and the mobile configuration.

"About": Shows the version of ProgressionLIVE currently installed on the mobile.

"Log out": Logs out of the application.