A. Introduction to QuickBooks Web Connector.

    B. Preparing QuickBooks Desktop for the synchronization.

    C. Preparing the invoice template.

    D. Guide to invoicing in ProgressionLIVE.

    E. Important information.

A. Introduction to QuickBooks Web Connector.
The QuickBooks Web Connector is a software application that runs on Microsoft Windows that enables specially designed web-based applications to exchange data with QuickBooks products.

The whole setup of the QuickBooks Web Connector will be done by ProgressionLIVE’s team. The web connector will need to be open at all time to allow the data to transfer from ProgressionLIVE to QuickBooks. An access to the Web Connector is recommended to allow troubleshooting and manual synchronization (more details below).

QuickBooks Web Connector Interface presentation.

  1. General Information in Order;
    Information about the application (ProgressionLIVE).
    The auto synchronization button (keep checked to ensure automatic synchronization).
    The delay between each synchronization (5 minutes is the minimum allowed by QuickBooks Desktop).
    The status of the connection.
    The password (generated by ProgressionLIVE).
    « Remove button » (to terminate the link between ProgressionLIVE and QuickBooks Desktop).

  2. « Update Selected », use this button to manually synchronize the data between ProgressionLIVE and QuickBooks Desktop.

  3. «Progress Bars», Indicate the progress of the synchronization.

  4. «Menu», Use to add an application, hide or exit QuickBooks Web Connector. (If the window is hidden the synchronization will still occur.)

B. Preparing QuickBooks Desktop for the synchronization.

    Client and Shipping addresses format.

  1. The client address must be on the second line of the «Address» Area. Since QuickBooks Desktop uses one area to store all the address related information and ProgressionLIVE use multiple fields, it is important to have one global method for the addresses.

  2. The «Shipping Address» must be on the first line of the text area (as shown below).

    Setting up the tax configuration.

  3. If a client doesn’t have a tax configuration setup in QuickBooks Desktop, ProgressionLIVE will use the « Non Taxable Item » Tax.

  4. Also, make sure that every tax configuration has a tax code, otherwise, the invoice won’t be created.

C. Preparing the invoice template.

ProgressionLIVE is able to use whatever invoice template is set in QuickBooks Desktop. The ProgressionLIVE task number will be stored in the « Other » field.
To add the other field:

  1. Open the invoice section.

  2. Select the template you wish to change.

  3. Add the « Other » field to the template.

  4. The field « Other » is now shown on the template.


D. Guide to invoicing in ProgressionLIVE.

The invoice is triggered automatically when a task reaches a certain status and all the prerequisites are met.
The synchronization of the tasks is done every 5 minutes (minimum delay allowed by QuickBooks Desktop).

How to create an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop.

  1. Once a task is completed, make sure that all the item on the invoice is linked to a product in ProgressionLIVE and in QuickBooks Desktop.

  2. Change the status of the task to « Ready for Invoicing ».

  3. Every 5 minutes, QuickBooks Web Connector will check ProgressionLIVE for tasks with the status « Ready for Invoicing ».
    When he finds a task, he will transfer it in QuickBooks Desktop and change the status to « Invoiced ».
    (This is done automatically, if a task is stuck at the status « Ready for Invoicing » after the automatic synchronization, there might be an issue with the task or the connector.
     In this case, contact ProgressionLIVE technical support or your project manager.

  4. The invoice is now created in QuickBooks Desktop.

E. Important information.

  1. It is possible to create products or items unrelated to QuickBooks Desktop products as long the price is 0$.
    - To see products or items not related to a QuickBooks Desktop product on invoice, see the point 10 in section B at this link.

  2. QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t filter which product is pushed in ProgressionLIVE. All the unused product need to be deactivated, the rest must be configured (tags, item type, product type, cost, etc.).

  3. It is not possible for ProgressionLIVE to trigger the email of the invoice in QuickBooks Desktop. This is not a feature that QuickBooks Desktop offers to a third-party application.

  4. Jobs in QuickBooks Desktop are synchronized in ProgressionLIVE as a location.
    - The location address is the default «Ship to» of the «job».
    - If a «job» have the same address as a client, during synchronization, we change the type of the location for the type of «jobs».

  5. If a user deletes a «job» in QuickBooks Desktop, the location linked to this job in ProgressionLIVE will not be disabled, so it's important to disable the location after. 

  6. If a «job» does not have a «Default shipping address» in QuickBooks Desktop, we will not synchronize the email and fax of the «job» in ProgressionLIVE location.