Objective of the document: Provide the necessary tools to be able to respond to the distance gaps that may be present when generating a recycling sheet.

Table of content

A. Recycling sheet: distance in m.

B. Resolution tool (Dealer account)

C. Exemple of a GPS configuration problem.

A. Recycling sheet: distance in m.

The distance in meters found in the recycling sheet is the difference between two GPS points:

  • Geolocation of the address of the generator
  • The GPS point taken at the time of signing

Problem when the distance is too great.

According to the SOGHU, if the distance in m. exceeds 20 000 m., additional explanations must be provided to accept the pick up.

Situations generating this problem

Until now the reasons for this distance can be explained by these situations:

Signature taken at a different place/time 

Incorrect positioning of the generator address

'Erratic' or unrealistic point provided by the mobile application

Missing GPS point (‘N/A’)

B. Resolution tool (Dealer account)

ProgressionLIVE provides a tool that allows access to the history of GPS points taken by a user for a given period of time. To do this:

  1. Find the pickup in question
    • From List mode, find the pick code
  2. Check that the generator position is placed correctly by displaying its position on the map with the icon.
  3.  Access the pickup, go to the 'History' tab and find out when the pickup was completed and by whom.
  4. Go to the 'Map' tab and choose the pickup date.
  5. Press the icon to choose the history of the resource.
  6. Check the GPS route, share the results with the SOGHU by taking a screenshot if necessary and state your diagnosis.

Clicking on the bubbles provides a better chronology of the points taken during the day.



Possible diagnostics:

Signature taken at wrong location

GPS point missing, but resource passed by there at the indicated time

Configuration problem (using the location service instead of the GPS)

C. Example of a GPS configuration problem

This history shows that the device is not configured properly, the points have a difference of several dozen kilometers a few minutes apart. It is advisable to check that the GPS options are activated on the dealer's device and that the transfer of points is allowed to the application. Contact ProgressionLIVE technical support for further verification. 1 866-670-0516, ext. 201