Table of Contents

A. Human Resources

B. Clients

C. Locations

D. Contacts

E. Users

F. Equipment

G. Price list

H. Products

I. Product categories

J. Messages

K. Event log

L. Tasks - Event log

In the "Manage" menu, you will find all information from your ProgressionLIVE account database: human resources, clients, locations, contacts, users, equipment, price list, products, product categories, messages, tasks log and tasks - events log.

Note: if you are using the "Timesheet" module, the information on activities will be added (see Timesheet module).

A. Human Resources

"Human Resources" are managed in this section.

A task assignment must be associated with a human resource.

In this section, you can add or modify human resource information.

Important: for a human resource to receive their tasks on their mobile, the task must be linked to a user.

B. Clients

You can manage your client list in this section.

You can add or modify your client information at any time.

C. Locations

You can manage your locations list in this section.

A location is where work will be performed (services, deliveries, etc.).

It is possible to match a location with a client.

You can add or modify a location record at any time.

D. Contacts

You will find all your contacts in this section.

Un contact can be associated with a client or a location.

You can add or modify your contact records at any time.

E. Users

In this section, you can add, modify or de-activate users.

A user corresponds to a ProgressionLIVE license.

A person wishing to connect to ProgressionLIVE, on the web or a mobile must have a user name.

This interface also lets you see the time of the most recent synchronisation as well as the date and time of the current connection.

You can add or modify your user records at any time. However, you cannot exceed your licence maximum.

A user record contains the user's connection info (email, phone, password) and role (administrator, dispatcher or client). A user's role determines which permissions were granted to him or her in ProgressionLIVE.

For a user to receive tasks on his or her mobile, the task must be linked to a human resource and a mobile configuration.

Important : a user cannot be connected to ProgressionLIVE on two devices at the same time.

F. Equipment


You will find all your equipment in this section.

You can modify your contact records or add new ones at any time.


G. Price Lists


All products have a default price.

However, you can create many price lists so that you can provide certain clients with a special price list. This list will then be associated with that client so that they will have access only to that list.

You can also associate a price list with a specific task.

H. Products


You can add or modify products in this section. The produits can be billable or non-billable. You can de-activate a product at any time.

The product list includes:

The products you can add for a task in the "Billing" tab.

Products that can be associated with a time recording activity ("Timesheet" module).


I. Product Categories 

In this section, you can add and/or modify product categories. You can de-activate a product category at any time.

In this section, you can create product groups, which simplifies product searches on the web and mobile (application).

Add a product category or subcategory


Click "Add" to create a new product category, then enter the information pertaining to it.


Product categories window :




  • Tax: you can override the product category's default tax as used in the account.



Note: when billing for berries, you could select the "Fruits" category and then the  "Berries" subcategory to see only products related to that subcategory.





1. Click "Add" in the task's "Billing" tab, and the "Item" window will open.

2. Click in the "Item" window.

You can therefore search by "Product Category" or by "Product Subcategory".

3. Select a product and click "OK".


J. Messages


Messages are sent by your ProgressionLIVE account administrators to users using ProgressionLIVE on the web. For the time being, messages can neither be sent nor received with the mobile application.

You can send a message to a single user, to users with a common role (administrator, dispatcher or client), to all your human resources or through the use of tags.


K. Event Log


You will find the detailed log of system events in this section.


You will find all information pertaining to what is going on with your ProgressionLIVE account, whether it is notifications, warnings or errors.


It is the main tool for the support team when they have to spot a problem.


L. Tasks - Event Log

As with the "Event Log" in the preceding section, the "Tasks - Event Log" also collects the notifications, warnings and errors, but here it groups them by task.