Tools are available at the top right of the browser in all the ProgressionLIVEwindows.


1. Refresh

2. Quick Search

3. Options

4. Help

1. Refresh

The Refresh tool is used to manually update the information contained in the tasks.

2. Quick Search

The Quick Search tool allows you to search by keywords in all of ProgressionLIVE.

The "Text to Search" field is used to enter the name of the human resource, the exact address, the name of the stakeholder, the summary or the description of a task.

The "Appointment" field defines the period of time covered by the search.

If you want to include tasks without an appointment, simply check the box ""Includes tasks with no appointment."

You can choose a "Search Mode" in order to refine your search.

When you have entered all of your criteria, click "Start Search" located at the bottom right of the window.

Tasks matching your search criteria will appear in the bottom section.

Double-click on one of the tasks to view it.

3. Options

The Options tool represented by the gray gear, allows you to customize your use of ProgressionLIVE.

Here you can perform several actions:

- "Save Preferences," whatever you have changed.

- "Save this screen as default" the current screen (list mode, scheduling, recurrence or dispatch mode).

- "Clear all saved preferences" to reset your default preference options.

- "Show cancelled tasks"

"Show list groups collapsed"

- Select the "Automatic Refresh" frequency.

"Tag Filter" 

"Automatic Dispatch" by Drag & Drop.

- "Use advanced date filter"

4. Help

The Help (?) tool is the best way to contact ProgressionLIVE technical support.

Live Chat Support

Online support allows you to chat in real time with a technical support representative.


FAQ, which means "frequently asked questions", is a list of frequently asked questions aboutProgressionLIVE together with their answers.

Open a ticket

Opening a ticket allows you to submit a technical problem to the ProgressionLIVE support platform. This allows us to properly examine your problem before conveying the solution to you by telephone or email.