To see more details on a task, press on it.

The available details and features are as follows:

a) The task code, namely the same title you would see in the task list.

b) The type of task to do.

c) Appointment date for the task.

d) Current state of the task.

e) Task location, with name and address

f) The client for whom the task is performed

(More information on the difference between client and location.)

1. Attachment: To enclose attachments with the task and gain access to the camera.

2. Signature: To take a client's manual and textual signature.

3. Items: To display or add items related to a task.

4. Equipment: To display or add equipment related to the task.

5. EditTo modify fields in a task.

6. Timesheet: To modify data in the timesheet.

7. Print: To print the task from your mobile device.

8. Progress: To modify task status (for example: "On route", "Completed", etc.).